Selenite and Clear Quartz Calming Necklace

$90.40 $180.80



- clarity of mind, aiding in seeing the deeper picture
- deep peace, excellent for meditation work
- telepathy
- judgement and insight
- dispersing and stabilizing erratic emotions

Length of Selenite Necklace: 80cm
Length of Clear Quartz Necklace: 100cm
* can be worn as a separate necklace. 
We used: 8mm Round Selenite Beads, 5x3mm Clear Quartz Hamburger Beads with Gold Plated Chain
Note: Due to the natural characteristics of crystal and wood,  the beads may vary slightly in colour and pattern compared to the picture displayed. Also, the colour may vary depending on the specific monitor, the settings and the lighting conditions.
* avoid contact with perfume as it may damage or cause a colour change to the gold-plated chain
* do not soak Selenite necklace in water to clean just wipe with a cloth