Who are We?

We are a group of fun and loving gals who enjoy helping people using Feng Shui and Crystals, and we have been sharing Feng Shui knowledge and the use of crystal since 2007 when we set up our first shop in Bahrain. On our journey of learning and sharing, we made friends with some of the most amazing therapists, healers and teachers who have enriched our lives with knowledge and wisdom.

We share a common goal. We want to move positively forward in life, enriching our love and relationship, gain better health and more wealth, attaining peace and joy.

We believe in energy. We believe in empowerment.

We are:

Ms Janet Chua – Chinese Metaphysic Consultant, Reiki & Crystal Healing Practitioner and Founder of 8 Mansions

Ms Sharon Ng - Energy Healer and Jewellery Designer

Ms Julie Lomas - Author, Teacher, Integrative Healer and Life Coach

And the wonderful ladies who help to make the jewellery with the utmost care.

We also take advise from:

Ms Sue Lilly - Counsellor, Colour and Crystal Therapist, Astrologer and Health Kinesiologist, Current Secretary of BAFEP and Chair of Crystal Therapy Council

Mr Simon Lilly – Energy Healer specialises in Tree Energies and Tree Spirit Healing, also work with Crystals, Runes, Sound and Shamanic Techniques.

Mr Frank Arjava Petter – Author, Reiki expert and Historian, Vice President of the Jikiden Reiki Institute of Japan

Our Products 

Using our creativity, intuition and experience we design and create beautiful jewellery pieces to empower you, to help you attract love interest, find peace within yourself, advance in your career, built your business, do well in exam, travel safe and not be afraid of showing off your good life or be bullied by anyone.

We put in plenty of thoughts and care into the design, sourcing, and to retailing at prices to cater to the mass with the hope that everyone can own a piece of our jewellery to help them realise their goal and dream sooner.

Majority of our jewellery is carefully handmade with love with the intention to energise you with a specific power. We believe in power dressing. Our jewellery pieces have properties to influence your physical and emotional energy fields. Every piece had beads sorted out and counted making sure the number is auspicious. We craft each jewellery to suit different occasions, moods, needs and wants. 

Our ultimate goal is for you to look beautiful in our jewellery, be engulfed in its energy and to radiate with vibrancy attracting good fortune and good luck.

Locate Us

Country Mall Bahrain، Bahrain

Phone: +973 1759 4575