Protection Jewellery


Everyone needs to be grounded to be able to think logically, sleep well, and be here in the present. Many of the jewellery in this range have grounding properties. If you tend to think a lot, unable to organise things, and have insomnia issue most likely you are ungrounded, you have too much energy in your head. Grounding yourself will help you to draw energy downwards from your head to your feet, clearing your mind. 

As for protection, the biggest shield we need these days is against radiation emitting from our cell phones, iPad and computer. People working the night shift in hotels, bars and clubs will need protection from unruly people and people with the intention to harm you. Unsung heroes in the Police Force, Civil Defense, hospitals all need protection against injury and negative vibes that they regularly come into contact with. In certain regions, you need to be protected against Black Magic and Evil Eyes. There are many choices of jewellery here that we have incorporated powerful symbols to protect you from harm and radiation, reflect negative energy directed at you and block off Black Magic and Evil Eyes,