Education is your future. This is what we are all taught from young. Yet, many highly educated people cannot attain success in their life, simply because education doesn’t equates to success. Hard work alone gets you no where too.

In Hong Kong, home to many billionaires, there is a popular belief that first you must know your destiny followed by your luck cycle, then get your Feng Shui done before pursuing your education. Reason being, knowing your destiny and upcoming luck cycle empowers you to reap maximise benefit when the time is good and to avoid the pit fall during down time. Find out what career is best suitable for you, so as to go down a path with a higher chance of success. Feng Shui is 3rd on the list because before you choose your education according to your career plan you would want nothing that stops you in your pursue of excellence and attainment in life.

This has to do with the concept of the 3 types of luck; Heaven, Earth and Mankind Lucks. Heaven’s luck is your destiny, the luck cycle that you are destined to go through. Earth luck is the energy of the planetary system, energy from the universe and your living environment that affect your wellbeing. Mankind luck is your education, your skill, your hard work, your networking, your relationship and health, in a nutshell.

Heaven’s luck, your destiny, is fixed the moment you are born. Luck cycle is set, determining the ups and downs of your life. You have no power to rewrite your destiny but you can decode it and have it revealed to empower yourself knowledge of your own life. This is 1/3 of your luck.

The good news is, you do have control over the other 2 types of your luck. Moving on to Earth energy which is constantly moving and changing, its energy is so intertwined with us that if left unchecked can cause upheaval in life. That is subscribing to destiny accepting every fortune and misfortune that comes your way. Feng Shui is the system and tool developed thousands of years ago by some very wise people in China, to manipulate Earth’s energy, helping us navigate though the luck cycle to minimise afflictions and mishaps with maximum benefit all round.

Last, but not the least is Mankind luck. Mankind luck is all about what you do for yourself. Your  knowledge, skill, will power and determination. If you slack in any of this your Mankind luck is weak.

To hold fate in your hand you need to be in control of your Earth and Mankind luck. If doing Feng Shui to manage and navigate your Earth Luck is not an option for you, boost your Mankind luck.

Our range of power jewellery is purpose-designed to help you boost your Mankind luck by enhancing:

  • personality shortcomings like lacking of confidence, courage, etc.
  • wealth making opportunity, and wealth accumulation
  • career, status, power and influence advancement
  • knowledge and education advancement
  • mental and physical health
  • romance and relationship, and marriage prospect
  • protection against negative energy, backstabbing, ill wishing, etc.

No investment, no return. Education is an investment, it earns you a job and salary. Buying a house is an investment, it earns you roof over your head and sense of security. Spending time working hard earns you the right to keep your job. You need to do many more investments be it time, money or effort, to fulfil your goals and attaining success at work and at home. Feng Shui is one such investment that reaps great benefit. Our range of jewellery is another investment to be considered and always go for the best that you can afford to reap maximum benefit.