The Chinese believed that destiny consisted of the following 3 parts:

  1. Heaven Luck
  2. Earth Luck
  3. Human Luck.

Heaven Luck is what the universe gives us at the time of our birth. It is the inscription of our life path, our potentials as well as our life lessons.

Earth Luck is represented by our environment, the energy generated by the landscape relief of the Earth like mountains and rivers, the four directions as well as the building we live in.

    Human Luck is the vital energy, the life force within every human being. A human being can affect his or her own vital energy by self-cultivation, healthy lifestyle, positive thinking, meditation and rising of one's own awareness.

    Feng Shui knowledge and the understanding of nature's energy can influence Earth Luck. The only luck that cannot be affected by men is Heaven Luck, representing a third of our destiny. The ancient Chinese astrologers developed the knowledge that can be applied as a tool to foresee the events in one's life, identify the repetitive causes, determine and locate favorable periods for action and also discover and unveil one’s talents and potential. Chinese Astrology is not about fortune telling, it is counseling aiming to lead us to a better understanding of (one's) life, life situations and life lessons.