Good Fortune, Health and Love Bracelet



- unconditional love and infinite peace
- purifying and opening the heart at all levels
- deep inner healing and self-love
- calm and reassurance
- drawing love and relationships toward you
- restoring trust and harmony
- enhancing positive affirmations
- releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache
- self-forgiveness and acceptance
- improved immunity and metabolism
- improving insomnia
- detox
- keeping mosquitoes away

Size of bracelet : 16cm ( adjustable )
Best worn on Left Hand
We used: 5mm Thuja Sutchuenensis Wooden Beads, 5mm Faceted Rose Quartz Beads and Sandalwood Mystic Knot with Fuschia Colour String.
Note: Due to the natural characteristics of crystal and wood,  the beads may vary slightly in colour and pattern compared to the picture displayed. Also, the colour may vary depending on the specific monitor, the settings and the lighting conditions.